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Echoes across the globe

People often ask me why we should participate in oversees missions when there are so many in need in our own backyard.

It’s a fair question.

In response I often ask, “In what ways are you serving your local community?” If that is your passion and the place God has called you to serve in this season, wonderful. Glory to God!

Yet the truth remains, local vs. foreign mission should not be an “either-or” discussion. God’s Kingdom spans the globe and we live in a privileged day where through technology and ease of travel, we can sit at Christ’s table with so many more of our brothers and sisters from every tribe, tongue and nation than ever before. If God brings such an opportunity into your life, I would strongly encourage you to take it.

I consider my service on the Board of African Rescue Ministries a personal honor for two reasons.

  1. I have the joy of serving alongside my brother, Innocent Justice, who lived as a refugee from Rwanda and overcame so many obstacles answer God’s call on his life and ultimately found the ministry of ARM.

  2. More importantly, it keeps me humble as I consider the immensity of God’s house and the incredible length of Christ’s table and it allows me the opportunity not only to help, but also to fellowship with and learn from my brothers and sisters seated at the far end of the table who I may otherwise have never even noticed.

I invite you to check out our website at to learn more about how we are building bridges of hope for refugees and indigenous communities in South Africa and how you can join us at this global table and stand in awe at the vastness of the Kingdom of God.

Below you will find a video from our most recent mission trip. The music is all recorded live from our partners at the Family of God Church in Mpumalanga. May the joy of their song and dance be an echo of heaven to enliven your heart.

Vision & Mission

At African Rescue Ministries, we are helping children and youth from both refugee families and disadvantaged indigenous communities to develop the skills needed to strengthen their families and communities, tear down walls of fear and disunity, and work together for a better future.


Equipping children and youth with valuable job skills through short term vocational training.


Tearing down walls of racism and fear by strengthening relationships between refugees and the local communities where they live.


Building “Bridges of Hope” for a brighter future through the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

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Join us

We invite you to partner with us at ARM in building Bridges of Hope with our brothers and sisters in South Africa.